3D Glasses Magnetic Clip


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Human design is suitable for myopia

Magnetic suction clip design, second change clip type glasses, myopia no longer need to bear the burden of two pairs of glasses


Original accessories fully adapt to XGIMI equipment

Laser TV and telephoto are universal, and the switching is free and easy

Active shutter unlocks more 3D poses

By improving the refresh rate to achieve 3D effect, give you a full HD 3D view

Brighter and clearer visual experience

The design of XGIMI lens is composed of STN glass and TN liquid crystal, and the size of the lens is nearly twice that of the traditional lens, which has a larger field of vision, higher transmittance of STN glass and faster response time of TN liquid crystal


Longer service life

Ultra low power consumption and low power self-test design, combined with high-capacity battery, longer viewing time Texas Instruments exclusive 3D chip has strong compatibility and stable picture High hardness polarizing lens can effectively eliminate scratches and marks


More comfortable way to wear

Silicone combined with memory metal nose support can be adjusted to adapt to a variety of nose shape, farewell to pressure discomfort

How to change clip to myopia glasses?

1. Remove the bracket from the 3D glasses; 2. Press the clip into the corresponding mounting hole of 3D glasses; 3. Clamp 3D glasses on the spectacle frame of myopia;


Product Parameters

Shutter mode: LCD shutter Product weight: 37.5g Best viewing distance: 2-5M Power supply mode: built-in 3.780ma rechargeable lithium battery Contrast: 1000:1 Refresh rate: 120Hz